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Meet the Team

After years of organizing rapidly growing organizations and political campaigns, Jackson realized

the need for accessible and affordable media and advertising resources for growing businesses, campaigns, and non-profits. So often, these organizations do incredible work, but struggle to scale because no one knows about that great work they do. He's a huge nerd, and a regular in local gaming stores. Jackson can often be found reporting on Florida Politics

on Tiktok @theflprogressive.

Jackson McMillan
Political Director, Media & Data Specialist

Originally majoring in psychology, Ryan found a knack in college for advertising, media design, and growth driven leadership strategies. Now, he works with Key Lime Strategies to build brands that impress, and grow on online platforms in the most effective and affordable manner. Ryan is a proud gamer, and can often be found at the Dungeons and Dragons table. 

Ryan Eliason
Social Media Director, Designer

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